Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '10

Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '10 3.3.4

Create a winning draft with this excellent tool


  • Lots of accurate, reliable AccuStat data
  • Beautiful user interface
  • Up-to-the minute news
  • Customize the scoring system
  • Save multiple drafts


  • Quite unstable


Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '10 is an application to help you choose and track your fantasy football drafts.

The app offers a guide to more than 500 players from all the NFL teams, providing you with stats and AccuStat projections about byes, ADPs and AAVs for each player. Tap a player and Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '10 opens a profile of that guy, allowing you to put them in your draft or add them to your wish list.

There are a range of filtering options within Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '10 that allow you to sort by position, listing only available or only taken players, or showing just rookies or just veterans. There's also a handy search feature that lets you browse straight to a player you've got your eye on.

Customizable scoring

The great thing about Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '10 is that it's compatible with virtually any league and scoring system. You can fully customize the way points are awarded using the custom scoring feature in the app.

Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '10 also brings you up-to-the-minute NFL news so you can check if you're players are involved in any incidents. Very helpfully, a cross icon will appear next to a headline if the story involves an injury to a player.

Moving around the app

The user interface in Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '10 is a real work of art. It manages to pack a dizzying amount of stats into a space that remains neat and well-ordered.We particularly like the way you can swipe through a player's details to display previous years' stats, and news articles relating to that player.

Be warned that Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '10 crashed on us during our tests of version 3.2, but hopefully these issues will be snuffed out in future releases.

Overall, Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '10 provides a great way to help your strengthen your draft for the 2010 NFL season.

Additional bug fixes Fixed crashing issue Performance improvements


  • Additional bug fixes Fixed crashing issue Performance improvements
Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '10


Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '10 3.3.4

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